Answers, Who Are You Most Like Quiz

Which character from The Goddess Workshop are you most like?



Like Janet, you may feel unfulfilled in some areas of your life. Sometimes you lack self-confidence, and, as a result, you can end up doing things you don’t particularly want to do because people push you around. On the outside you may currently be conventional and unremarkable. But just below the surface, there is an amazing other you, just waiting to be discovered and held up to the light. You are creative and have lots of ideas. You are brave and a terrific friend. You are kind and warm and always there for those that matter to you. And as you start to discover the hidden you, there will be more and more people who truly matter to you. You know you can do it – what are you waiting for? Good luck!

Mainly 2s - MOST LIKE KATE

Life has dealt you a distinctly rubbish hand in the last few years. You’re right, it’s not fair, you didn’t deserve it, and it stinks! You may not have bounced back completely yet, and no wonder. Who would? The trouble is, if you’re existing in a rolled up ball of self-pity, life is still  going on. Opportunities may be passing you by, and nobody is being hurt by your lack of connection to the universe except for you. So, come on, stop scowling, stop gazing woefully into the bottom of your pint glass (or wine glass if that’s your preferred tipple) and get to it. Reach out to people. Give things a go. Talk. Laugh. Take one step at a time. You can do it; I know you can.


You are successful in your work, and are very proud of that fact. To get to the top, you may have needed to be a bit ruthless, but it’s been worth it. Except that, just lately, you may have been wondering if you have paid too much of a price for your success. Sometimes people may seem to be a bit intimidated by you. And you may find it difficult to let people see the real you and to get really close. This can leave you feeling lonely at times. But don’t worry, because, if you’re just a little bit brave, you can take that first step to break down barriers. It will be worth it, trust me!


You have made your family your life. You’re a fantastic mum and a loving wife. You’re the friend every woman would like to have, always ready to listen and to advise. But while you’re busy being everything to everyone else, are you sure you’re giving enough time and attention to yourself? Is there something you want to achieve for yourself? Something that might seen silly or out of reach, but which is, actually, pretty important to you? Are you really being all you want to be? Or do you have hidden depths to expose? What’s holding you back? If it’s the past, then maybe that’s something you need to deal with so you can fully enjoy your future… Come on; we’re only here once!

Thanks for taking the quiz! If you'd like to find out what happens to your character in the book, you can download a copy of The Goddess Workshop HERE.

The Goddess Workshop - four women on a quest to become sensual.Reviews

“Reading this novel gave me insight into what goes on behind the closed doors of both relationships and minds and it's laugh out loud funny too. It is rich with both wit and wisdom and very well rounded too.”

 “I loved this book from page one, it was an enthralling read, you just wanted to know what happened next, how the characters developed - the twists and turns along the way - I couldn't put it down - fantastic.”

A great book with unusual subject matter and an unpredictable twist. Everyone will be able to identify with at least one of the four characters in this original and entertaining story...even if you don't share the 'problem' they have in common. The perfect holiday read for women of all ages.” 

“If you are a woman or a man you will benefit from reading this beautiful, heart-warming laugh-out-loud-loads-of-times story that reminds us just how connected we all are even though life sometimes challenges us. It is a story of deep, sincere friendship, growth and human connection... And that's what we're here for isn't it? I loved every character and rooted for each of them with all my heart... Couldn't put it down and was sad when i finished it...bloody magic, bring us some more!”

“Excellent story with a twist I never saw coming.”