Book Review: Her Guilty Secret, Emily Cavanagh

I do not accept book review requests, but it's fun to share books I've enjoyed recently! 


Would a true friend lie to you?

Ivy has been looking forward to seeing her oldest college friends for months. But this reunion couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Her husband has left her and she is struggling to pay the bills. She’s never felt less like sitting around joking and drinking cocktails.

But not wanting to let everyone down, Ivy boards the plane to Boston and makes her way to Elise’s Cape Cod summerhouse, where Ada and Libby are waiting.

She knew Elise’s husband was successful, but the house on the ocean, with floor-to-ceiling windows, is more opulent than she imagined. And there are photographs of Elise’s perfect, happy family in every room. Already struggling to put a brave face on things, Ivy finds herself reaching breaking point.

That evening, as the four friends gather on the sofa along with several bottles of wine, someone suggests they play truth or dare...

As the game goes on, something is said that can’t be taken back. Something that makes Ivy question if these women were ever her friends to begin with.

But this is not the only secret these women have been hiding. As new revelations come to light, will the weekend bring them closer or tear them apart for good?

A gripping, emotional novel about the complexities of friendship and the lengths we will go for the ones we love. Perfect for fans of Big Little LiesThe Family Next Door and The Silent Wife.


I'm a real fan of books about groups of female friends told from different points of view, so I was very much looking forward to reading this one. It didn't disappoint.

I loved learning about the four friends, and the author succeeded in making Ivy, Elise, Ada and Libby different to each other, as well as making me believe in their tensions and their friendships. The four women all have secrets - some from the past and some in the present - and it was deliciously tense, waiting for them to be revealed. When they are, it changes the relationships between the women forever, but the experience is also very freeing for them all. The new directions and decisions all four made as a result were heart-warming.

A great read, and one I can use with my creative writing students as a good example of giving characters a unique voice when writing a multi-viewpoint story.


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