Fashion Trends for Angels

In your mind's eye, how do angels dress?

In the traditional garb of a white robe with large golden-feathered wings? Or maybe a sort of flimsy Victorian night shirt, like Clarence, the angel in A Wonderful Life?



You probably don't think they would come by their clothing at a stall like this.

But Nessa, the angel in my novel Perfect Responses does. She spent much of her life in Africa, and it stole her heart. So when Nessa has the chance to head back down to  Earth - and Africa -on a mission to prove the worth of a self-help author's work, she jumps at it, as only Nessa can. With wit, persistence and a lot of straight-talking.


Bewildered Janet, who has just been abandoned by her man while on holiday, is the first person to receive the onslaught of Nessa's advice. It's all a bit much at first. But Janet's feeling rather vulnerable and adrift, and so she decides to give Nessa a chance, and finds herself whisked away to experience the real Africa, crocodiles and all.

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