Perfect Responses

Three women are about the face the biggest challenges of their lives.

Janet is mistaken as a sex tourist having been abandoned by her financé in Africa.
Debbie is hell-bent on a hopeless affair with Adam, her married boss.
Pregnant Kate has just married the love of her life only for him to turn into a distant stranger overnight.

The three don’t know it, but self-help author Corrinne Walker is depending on them to use her advice to sort themselves out.

In fact, her whole future depends on them making perfect responses.

But will they be able to do it?

“Just finished Perfect Responses yesterday evening and it had me in tears. What a beautiful ending. What a heart-warming story, with very real, relatable characters I will actually wonder about for a while.”

The Goddess Workshop 

6oddess Workshop (1)

Kate, Janet, Estelle and Reenie are all at a cross roads in their lives. They know they need to make some changes; they just didn’t bargain on it being the kind of change it’s turning out to be.


Why has a giant picture from the Kama Sutra replaced the portrait of the Queen in the church hall? None of the four has even thought about needing to become more sensual until the mysterious Jade Gate roars into town on her motorbike. But now they’ve signed up for her workshop promising a Garden of Earthly Delights, and they’re showing every sign of being hooked. Or they would be, if only they could stop squabbling with each other for long enough to absorb Jade’s advice.

But it’s natural to be defensive, right? Especially when you’re sharing your deepest insecurities and talking about such personal matters.

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"If you are a woman or a man you will benefit from reading this beautiful, heartwarming laugh-out-loud-loads-of-times story that reminds us just how connected we all are even though life sometimes challenges us. It is a story of deep, sincere friendship, growth and human connection... And that's what we're here for isn't it? I loved every character and rooted for each of them with all my heart... Couldn't put it down and was sad when I finished it...bloody magic! Bring us some more!"

 The Dare Club

Dare Club cover1

Aleysha, Nick, Colette and Emma are on a mission to scare themselves into forgetting their problems. But will it work?


When four very different people meet at a Lift Up course for the newly divorced or separated, there are initial tensions. Aleysha hasn’t accepted the fact that her 7-month marriage is over. Nick is struggling with being a single parent. Colette is still dealing with the health problems that caused her husband to walk out on her, and Emma is a dumper, while the others are dumpees.

As the group get to know each other, Colette suggests they start a dare club. If they’re cavorting several metres off the ground, or standing under a spotlight, it’s bound to help them to forget about their troubles, isn’t it? At the very least, they’ll have some fun, and who knows? It might just change their lives forever.

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"I loved this book. The four very different main characters meet at a group to help people recover from relationship breakdowns and embark on a series of adventures together. They came to life for me as I read about their ups and downs and by the end of the story, I felt as if the characters were not only friends with each other, but also with me. I had laughed with them, worried about them and cried tears of joy for them."

 For Hannah, With Love

She's just discovered she's pregnant. He's just traded in his essential car for a motorbike. Cue secrets, and a roller-coaster journey of discovery…

Jen's partner Michael has never been in a relationship for more than four years, so with their fourth anniversary coming up, she's getting understandably nervous. Especially as she's just discovered she's going to have a baby. For Jen, it's a dream come true and the happiest of accidents. But Michael has always said he doesn't want any more children other than Kyle, his teenage son.

She means to tell him about the baby straight away, but that's when he turns up on the motorbike, full of dreams of the two of them riding through the Pyrenees on a care-free trip of a life time. Somehow, Jen ends up keeping her news about the baby to herself. Is Michael having an early mid-life crisis?

Determined to save her relationship, Jen decides to take some drastic action. Aided and abetted by her two very different best friends, Jen embarks on some detective work that takes her as far afield as Cuba and North Norfolk. If she can find out why all Michael's other relationships failed, maybe she can stop the same thing from happening to her. But, as her pregnancy clock ticks, Jen has no idea of the can of worms her investigations are going to open up. Why do all Michael's relationships break up, and what's the big secret he's been hiding from her?

For Hannah, With Love was previously published under the title of Taming Tom Jones.

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"For Hannah, With Love is delightful, thoughtful, surprising, entertaining, and thought provoking. Johnson has skillfully woven together Michael and Jen's stories. As Jen seeks the reasons for Michael's commitment and pregnancy phobias by searching out his exes and hearing their side of the story, the reader is also learning Michael's side. Part of Jen's quest takes her to Cuba. But whether the action is happening in Norwich or Cuba, Johnson's wonderful writing makes the setting vivid and real."

A Nightingale in Winter

ANiW Final Cover

It is 1916, and The Great War is raging throughout Europe.


Eleanor Martin is traveling to France to serve as a volunteer nurse. She only wants to bury herself in her work on the Front and forget her traumatic past. But when her ship is torpedoed, Eleanor has to act quickly to save an American journalist’s life. As she cradles Dirk Loreson’s broken body in her arms, speaking to him to keep him conscious, the possibility of a whole different future begins to open up for her.

Leo Cartwright, an ambitious artist, is also en route to the Front. A ruthless man who will stop at nothing to find inspiration for his paintings, Leo’s path is destined to cross with Eleanor’s. As she comes under his spell, will she find the strength to resist his demands? Will she trust her growing love for Dirk?

A Nightingale in Winter is about courage and searing ambition at a time when the very foundations of the world have been shaken.

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"I love stories like this one in which all the complex threads of the plot are woven together so perfectly. The WWI setting is the backdrop Johnson has chosen, and clearly she’s done her homework in that regard. Eleanor’s nightmare is perfectly handled, always lingering in the background, to come out at the perfect time to add another layer of complexity to the plot. The artist/villain Leo is strongly portrayed with his needs and motivations accounted for in a logical although surprising way. I love Johnson’s contemporary work. With this historical, she proves she has the skill to write wonderful stories set in other eras."

 Murder Maker

murder maker


After being jilted by her lover, Carla is devastated and intends to seek revenge. She joins a self-help group for people in similar situations and there she meets three women who have been betrayed or abandoned by their husbands. Carla decides to rehearse her revenge on these men and starts by buying a ticket to Cuba.


Murder Maker is an advanced-level novella  for people Learning to speak English, but is suitable for general reading.

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"A fantastic book!"



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